How do retail and wholesale CBDC projects across the world compare and where do we stand today?

Jul 26, 2023 | CBDC

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has recently released its annual survey on CBDC projects globally.

Key findings:

1. Share of central banks working on CBDC rose to 93%


2. Work on retail CBDC is more advanced than on wholesale CBDC

3. 15 retail and 9 wholesale CBDC could be launched by 2030

4. CBDC plans become more definite. 18% of central banks are likely to issue a rCBDC in the next 3 years. But also slightly more central banks indicated they will not issue a CBDC in the near term.

grafik 1

5. More than half of central banks are doing concrete experiments or pilots


6. Key motivations can are related to payment safety, efficiency and financial inclusion

grafik 2

Note that all figures are from the paper.


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