Important puzzle piece around crypto about to be solved

Nov 4, 2023 | Cryptocurrency, Blockchain (EN)

You’ve likely come across the expression that „bear markets are opportunities for growth.“ This idea derives from the notion that in times of market decline, company management isn’t anticipating quick, substantial returns. Instead, teams can concentrate on thoughtfully planned projects aimed at addressing tangible issues.

Lately, one could observe remarkable progress in a particular area within the realm of cryptocurrency, and in my opinion, it represents a significant development: the state of crypto on- and off-ramps. Surprisingly, this subject hasn’t garnered much attention within the cryptocurrency community.

Over the past few years, the process of converting traditional fiat currencies such as the euro or the dollar into cryptocurrency has proven to be less than convenient. This presented a significant obstacle to broader adoption, as the conversion process, while considered „simple“ by experts, often proved overly intricate for newcomers to the crypto space.

However, this situation is on the brink of transformation, thanks in part to the commendable efforts of PayPal and Metamask. PayPal has collaborated with Ledger, allowing Ledger customers to purchase cryptocurrency using their existing PayPal accounts. With a user base of over 400 million, this development is a game-changing step, even though it is presently limited to the United States. More partnerships are on the horizon, and I anticipate the expansion of this feature to other countries in the near future. Meanwhile, on Metamask, it’s now a easily possible to switch between cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies with just a few clicks. In this context. also other payment companies, such as Stripe, have simplified their on-ramps massively.

Certainly, crypto enthusiasts who have already identified their preferred conversion methods may not opt for these services, especially given the relatively higher associated costs. Nevertheless, the substantial user base of PayPal and Metamask significantly reduces entry barriers, making cryptocurrency more accessible for mainstream adoption.


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