What does the general public think about CBDCs?

Sep 8, 2023 | CBDC, Digital Euro

What do people think about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)? A survey of > 90,000 conducted with capital markets and investment practitioners sheds some light on the demand side of CBDCs.

Key insights:

1️⃣ There is limited understanding of and support for CBDC. Globally, 42% of respondents think a CBDC should be launched.

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2️⃣ There is higher receptivity among younger respondents, in the Asia-Pacific region, in developing economies, and in China and India.

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3️⃣ Top reason to issue a CBDC is to accelerate payments.

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4️⃣ Chief concern were cybersecurity and fraud, data privacy, and lack of use cases.


5️⃣ 48% of survey participants would use a CBDC in some capacity.


Note that all figures are from the paper.


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