Digital Euro Association

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is a consortium of organizations. companies, and individuals focused on central bank digital currencies and stablecoins, with a particular emphasis on Europe. The DEA aims to raise awareness of the digital Euro and contribute to shaping the framework conditions and standards. The DEA closely collaborates with government agencies, central banks, financial institutions, technology companies, and other relevant stakeholders.

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DEA - Digital Euro Association

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is an independent think tank specializing in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, crypto-assets, and other forms of digital money, with a particular focus on both private and public digital Euro. The DEA promotes values such as freedom, privacy, and transparent governance in digital money.

The DEA provides education on CBDCs and stablecoins and is building a multidisciplinary community to enhance understanding of the digital euro’s potential and support various industries in developing use cases based on the digital euro. The DEA also advocates for collaboration and are among the world’s leading think tanks on digital currencies.

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